Canine15 NATURAL works with pet owners to comfort their pets and improve their overall health.

Hear what owners who have used Canine15 NATURAL have to say about how the supplement has helped their pet to thrive and experience an enhanced quality of life and renewed sense of joy. Canine15 Natural is beneficial for a range of conditions, including canine arthritis and joint pain. When other measures do not provide the expected results, customers found that Canine15 Natural helped their animals return to their happy, healthy selves.

Canine15 Natural customers walking their dogs


I can't say enough about how well Canine15 NATURAL has worked for my dog, Leo!

My dog developed a rash on his nose, which was getting worse and bloody. I took him to the vet who said that he didn't know what it was, but in the meantime to apply steroid cream and that maybe it would go away and, if not, he'd biopsy. Meanwhile, a family member said that it looked a like ringworm, which is a rash caused by a fungal infection.

I tried Canine 15, with the prescribed dosage for my dogs size, and within a day the rash started to go recede. It finally scabbed over in 2 more days and the scab fell off, leaving pink and healthy skin behind.

I didn't know that Canine 15 could work as an anti-fungal treatment but this is I proof that it does!

Thank you Canine15!

Cyndi and Leo




Meet Sadie, the dog with nine lives! She has had a rough time the last few years and has had multiple hernia surgeries, (deer attack), tooth removal surgeries, eye removal and recently diagnosed with SARDS in her remaining eye. After that things seemed to go downhill for her and mentally she was confused and really anxious. She would pace in circles and be restless, also forgetting where to potty and so making messes everywhere. She needed doggie steps to get up on her chair but even that became too difficult and so I got pillow beds that were low to ground. She loved going to our barn to run and play but no longer could do that cause she had no idea where she was and had trouble walking well. At age 13 with all the things wrong, I was thinking perhaps it was time to let her go. Then a lady came to my barn to introduce me to Canine 15, and since then Sadie has had fantastic turnaround. She now runs like the wind again, she can jump up in my hay wagon with no steps! She no longer piddles all over the floor and finds her way to potty room. She is not anxious anymore and I even think she is seeing again at least a little bit. I do believe she had some kind of inflammatory process going on that the Canine 15 has helped. She is like a puppy again, everyone that knows her can't even believe how good she is doing. And also her hair coat is fantastic, she used to lose her hair half way up her back and on her tail, this year full hair and shiny and so far have not had any flea allergy. I recommend Canine 15 to all my friends with dogs!

Gina Kindscher

14 yr old


We have an older (14) Jack Russell who has pretty bad allergy issues. Within 3 days of starting him on Canine15 NATURAL I have noticed that he is less itchy through the day and he also has much more energy and is much more "youthful”!

VanBrook Equestrian Centre
Julie Van Wieren, Owner
Brittany Simmons, Barn Manager

Kaleigh and Benson

Kaleigh (15 and 1/2) and her son Benson (12) discovered Canine 15 just over a year ago.
Since taking it neither have shown any signs of decline in mobility, stiffness, appetite or joie de vive.
They are both very active and the younger one, who is 12 already, can go on long walks in any kind of terrain.

Ellie P




This is Jake, he is 100 pounds and now 12-13 years old. Jake's hips were losing muscle mass from age and a prior injury after a tangle with a copperhead. He had been doing better from daily walks but after 3-4 weeks on canine-15 he began to run more and most indicative, his muscles were much more tone and thick. This has resulted in a more steady gate and better mobility. And that's with just 1 pill per day!
Thank you for your great product. 

Deb Walters


This is our almost 16 year old Springer. We started him on canine 15 almost 2 years ago. He is doing much better. He was having a few hip problems and finding it hard to get around. We are running up steps now and still walk everyday. I personally would recommend canine 15.. we saw results within a couple of days with Chance. He will be 16 in January and still going strong..!!! Actually just ordered yesterday for his next 4 months. whoop whoop!!



Janice Lynn360x500


This is Koda, our Black Russian Terrier, who is 10 years old.  He has been on canine15 for the past 5 years. 

Being a large dog who weighs in at 130 pounds, it’s important to keep his joints as healthy as possible, and canine15 has been instrumental in keeping him active and in good health. He still play ball and frisbee, and enjoys his everyday walks in the park. 

Janice Lynn



My dog Rubah is a 10 year old Poodle/Pomeranian mix who has always loved playing and the outdoors. A little while ago we were finding that Rubah has been behaving a little differently, he wasn’t eating like he normally does and he seemed to be having frequent mood swings. He was not the normal loving playful dog he always was and it was a chore taking him out for walks. After trying a few different alternatives out we came upon Canine15 and after only a couple weeks we started to see a difference. He was looking healthier, eating better and more importantly he was playful again. Its nice to know we now have a daily supplement we can rely on.

Mack and Rubah



I've had our Siberian Husky Koda (9 years old), on Canine15 Natural since my brother recommended the product last Summer. I was telling my brother that i was starting to see signs of Koda's age catching up with him - primarily stiffness in his hips and slowness in getting up and down from the floor. I was looking for something to give Koda that would support his system naturally, and allow him to be his healthiest and happiest. I'm thrilled with Canine15 - within a few weeks the stiffness had diminished. He has a puppy at home now, and it's remarkable how engaged and playful he is with him! Really happy to have found a natural supplement that works, and would highly recommend anyone with concerns about their pets joint and muscle health to just try it, and let the results speak for themselves!

Megan Ljunggren



Thank you so much for making such a great natural product!

My dog, Nessy, is a 15 year old Lab/Sheppard cross. She has been on Canine15 for several months now and it was made a huge difference. Before starting on Canine15, Nessy was stiff and had weakness in her hind end. The Canine15 has helped to get her mobility back and has eased her stiffness.

I tell anyone with an aging dog that Canine15 is a blessing – and their customer service has been amazing. A wonderful company all around!

Thank you for making Nessy more comfortable!

Jennifer Palacios

Rufus 360x500



Thank you for sending the free package while you were waiting for the new pills and packaging, I have now received the new product.

Here is a short story about Rufus.

Rufus turned 13 in August 2019 and it was about a year prior he was starting to slow down with arthritis in his back legs. I had tried glucosamine and chondroitin and was not seeing any improvement. Then I met Keith at a local trade show and he was talking about his new product and that it was different by using sulfate instead. He had given me a free trial package, so I started giving this to Rufus and in about 2 weeks I started to see improvement in his rear legs and continued with the product ever since. Since then I have seen more mobility with his rear legs along with improved appetite and he seems to have more energy as well. Since using the product I have recommended it to anybody with older dogs and even have my aunt & uncle now using it for their dog. Great product!

I have attached a picture of Rufus with his distinguished grey hairs . . .

Tony Hof


Canine 15 is a life saver for Khloe!

This is Khloe our 10 year old labradoodle. About a year ago she started slowing down and was having trouble limping after walks and going up and down steps. The vet said give her glucosamine . I tried 3 or 4 kinds and every one of them upset her digestive system. Her stool was runny and she was very lethargic. Also, it did not help her mobility. I searched the internet for alternatives and started giving her turmeric for dogs in a bite size morsel. I then added the Canine 15 natural . After a couple months she was back to normal. I decided to eliminate the Canine 15 and just give her the turmeric. Big mistake, after a month she was limping again. I took her to the vet to make sure she hadn't injured herself and they couldn't find any injury . I again ordered Canine 15 and have faithfully been giving it to her since last fall. No more limping and she begs to go on her walks. Thank you Canine15 for making a quality, safe product for our beloved Khloe. She will be taking it for life.

Pam Dunne




I really want to thank you for introducing Canine15 NATURAL to us.Our 12 year old cocker spaniel Penny is literally a different dog.

Before we started her on the tablets she was extremely limited in her mobility. She wouldn’t go for her walks any more , couldn’t get up the stairs to our bedroom where she has slept her whole life.

About 2 weeks after starting her on the product we noticed an incredible difference in her ability to get around. Up and down the stairs multiple times a day!

So amazing to see her slowly going for her walks again and not sitting watching all our other dogs disappear as they go ...

Thanks again

Al and Chris Rose


For all of our beloved furry friends,

We are grateful to our colleague Dr. Tom Wilk for researching and recommending Canine15 natural supplements for our 15 year old (100+ dog years) rotti-lab, Bailey. Since taking these supplements daily, Bailey has had a new lease on life. The first week on the supplements did not show results. We were told to persevere for a 2nd week for optimal results and boy, our old gal started to hop, skip, jump on her arthritis joints like she was 5 years younger! See the photo below of her recharged joints to ably trot down our 25+ stairs without limping in pain!
Not only did she have more range of motion and vigor but Bailey also showed a a more vigorous appetite.

Thanks Canine15 for your natural dog supplements. Wish it was available for my own arthritic knees and back!!