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An all natural joint care supplement for dogs.

Give your pet a new lease on life with Canine15 NATURAL. It’s a non-prescription, all natural dog supplement that improves joint and muscle health. Loving pet owners trust Canine15 NATURAL as a supplement for joint care in dogs, sharing stories of their physical health and personalities returning with abundance, reduced signs of aging and the disappearance of pain indicators.









Canine15 NATURAL contains only two ingredients: Sulfur and Lignosulfonate. These two ingredients are found in many foods and feed products.

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Canine15 NATURAL comes in capsule form and is easy to administer in food or directly in the mouth, as many dogs do enjoy the flavour. 

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Canine15 NATURAL acts fast! See a positive change in your pet in as soon as 5 days. See improved mobility and appetite within 10 days.

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Healthy pets. Happy Owners. 

Meet Canine15 NATURAL

Joint stiffness and pain has been made synonymous with aging. Slowing down, experiencing limited mobility, and the moans and groans that come along with it seem to be an expectation as the years stack up.

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How Canine 15 is Different than Other Natural Joint Pain Supplements

If your dog suffers from joint stiffness and pain, you have probably looked into solutions to reduce that discomfort. Many options are available to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the pressure points on joints – some options are natural, others are not. It is beneficial to use natural products since you know that they are less likely to have adverse side effects. But, when deciding what joint pain supplements to purchase, how do you decide?

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Canine 15 Natural: An Alternative to Glucosamine

Joint stiffness and pain are common symptoms seen in dogs as they age. It is estimated that 20% of dogs will experience some kind of joint issue in their lifetimes – including only those dogs who may not have any medical diagnosis. Joint pain comes in various forms for different breeds. For example, German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia, where Labs, who are prone to obesity, often have problems with their elbows. These problems often appear primarily with old age but can also present themselves with health-related problems. Regardless of the cause of joint pain, it is heartbreaking to see a family member in discomfort.

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