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Canine15 NATURAL

60 x 200mg

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    • NEW advanced formula!
    • NEW smaller capsule for dogs of all sizes
    • 60 x 200 mg capsules
    • All orders include FREE STANDARD SHIPPING
    • Environmentally friendly packaging
    • Money back guarantee on your first order*
Natural Sustainable Universal







Canine15 NATURAL

4 pack (60 capsules each)

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  • For medium to large dogs, purchasing our multi-pack saves you $24 and equals our original web price of $36.00/package.
  • NEW advanced formula!
  • NEW Smaller capsule for dogs of all sizes
  • 4 packs (60 x 200 mg capsules each)
  • All orders include FREE STANDARD SHIPPING
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
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One capsule per day for dogs 4.5 - 18 kg (10-40 lbs.); 2 capsules per day for dogs 18.1-36 kg. (41-80 lbs.); 3 capsules per day for dogs over 36.1 kg (81 lbs.)

Care Instructions:

Canine15 NATURAL is easy to administer in food or directly in the mouth, as many dogs enjoy the taste. Administer one time per day. Thanks to the capsule form, there’s no measuring and no messy compound to apply.


Do not administer to dogs with known sensitivity to sulphur.

Additional Information

Health Canada notified NN:K3L9, Canine15 NATURAL is made in Canada using only two natural ingredients, Sulfur and Lignosulfonates. This all-natural supplement has been shown to benefit dogs when other measures did not produce the intended results. Other therapies can be expensive and potentially toxic and some carry little evidence of effectiveness in dogs. An example would be that the American Veterinary Medication Association recently withdrew its support for use of Glucosamine due to a lack of evidence that it improves health in dogs.


All orders include FREE STANDARD SHIPPING but please note that on orders that ship outside of Canada additional duties/taxes may apply.


Take the 15-day challenge – with a single package order if you don’t observe definite signs of improved mobility and reduced joint pain within 15 days, return the product to us for a full refund. For all queries, please email us at

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