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A NEW, non-prescription, all natural supplement that is an effective replacement for Glucosamine and Chondroitin for dogs.

Developed by a Canadian biotech company committed to creating optimal health in animals, this once-a-day natural canine supplement is designed to give a “zest for life” back to older dogs, enabling greater mobility, supporting a strong appetite, and helping to maintain a thick, healthy coat. With naturally sourced ingredients, Canine15 NATURAL supports the complete comfort and safety of dogs by giving them relief from joint tenderness so they regain their mobility, confidence and pet-personality.


Canine15 NATURAL is Health Canada notified as a Veterinary Health Product NN.K3L9


Canine15 NATURAL comes in capsule form and is easy to administer in food or directly in the mouth, as many dogs do enjoy the flavour. There’s no measuring, no messy compound to apply, and you only have to administer once per day.


Canine15 NATURAL is fast acting – in as soon as 5 days you will notice a positive change in your pet. Typically, most will see improved mobility and appetite within 10 days.


Canine15 NATURAL can reduce the use of other costly pain medications used for canine arthritis.  Canine15 NATURAL was developed to improve the quality of life for dogs and the families around them.

Healthy Pets. Happy Owners.


The safety of Canine15 NATURAL was tested in animals and in the laboratory.  Results showed that even at very high doses, Canine15 NATURAL did not exhibit any toxic and/or detrimental health effects on all the species tested, including dogs.

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