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How Canine 15 is Different than Other Natural Joint Pain Supplements

How Canine 15 is Different than Other Natural Joint Pain Supplements

If your dog suffers from joint stiffness and pain, you have probably looked into solutions to reduce that discomfort. Many options are available to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the pressure points on joints – some options are natural, others are not. It is beneficial to use natural products since you know that they are less likely to have adverse side effects. But, when deciding what joint pain supplements to purchase, how do you decide?

Depending on the type of supplement, a number of things can determine if some options are better than others. Ingredients will differ and some supplements will include non-natural products, which could be potentially harmful for your dog. Canine15 NATURAL is a supplement different from the rest and strives to give your dog the best – because that is what they deserve! Here is why Canine15 NATURAL is better than other natural joint pain supplements.

  1. Filler and Harmful Ingredients

When you give your dog supplements, you are using it to target a specific problem – joint stiffness and pain. You want a supplement that will address that issue and avoid the products that have filler ingredients. The issue is, many natural joint pain supplements will contain other ingredients not specific to healing joint pain. Some are found to include oils, Vitamin C and E, glucosamine, artificial colours, omega fatty acids, yucca, and other ingredients. Although some of these filler ingredients may work to reduce joint pain, others are just there to help sell the product. Manufacturers have been found to use filler ingredients for quicker production and to make the product more visually appealing. The problem is that these fillers that make it easy to sell and look at, could cause more harm to our pets. Avoid buying supplements that have more than what you need.

  1. Inclusion of Minimal Medical Ingredients

In some cases, supplements will include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to help decrease joint inflammation and pain. While minimal medical ingredients do avoid the fillers, there can be side effects as well. ‘Medicine’ (even that given by a veterinarian) should be used with caution, especially in older dogs. The medical ingredient works to relieve one issue, but could cause damage to another part of the body. For example, some medicinal anti-inflammatories will work to release the pain on joints, but in the long term can cause kidney and liver problems. When joint pain supplements include minimal medical ingredients, you may see short-term success, but more of a risk for future concerns.

  1. Purely Natural

Just as we read labels carefully to ensure we put the best in our bodies, the same goes for joint pain supplements for your dog. Be sure to read the label. Sometimes these supplements are not at all natural and could contain ingredients that could cause your dog to react (most commonly, allergies). Unlike other supplements that claim to be “natural,” Canine15 NATURAL is purely natural. Canine15 NATURAL joint pain supplement contains two natural ingredients: sulfur and lignin sulfonate.  A proprietary manufacturing maximizes properties of the lignosulfonates and sulfur components.


  1. Developed through research

Canine 15 has been thoroughly tested for toxicity to animals and has been found to be completely safe.  A comprehensive study was performed in mice where a dose of 200mg/kg was well tolerated with no toxic effects. Our product was tested in cattle (90days); in pigs (15 days); Horses, dogs (56days); mice (7 days) and shrimp (16days) without any noticeable side effects.

  1. Registrations

Because of the extremely high safety profile Health Canada has notified the product through its Low Risk Veterinary Product Program for both dogs and horses. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has approved our product as a supplement for both cattle and horses.

  1. Dose and packaging

Canine 15 packaging has been updated and will be introduced to the market in March 2020.

Due to market demand, the capsule size to Canine 15 has been reduced to accommodate small dogs, so going forward the dose recommendations are as follows: 

  • One capsule per day for dogs weighing 4.5 to 18 kg. (10 to 40 lbs)
  • 2 capsules per day for dogs weighing 18.1 to 36 kg. (41 to 80 lbs.)
  • 3 capsules per day for dogs over 36.1 kg. (81 lbs.)

Do your dog a favor and give them a supplement that is natural and effective in relieving joint pain. By choosing Canine15 NATURAL, you avoid unwanted side effects, long-term issues, and other harmful health-related issues. With the Canine15 NATURAL supplement, you can be sure that your dog is getting only what they need and no unnecessary extras. Offer your dog natural ingredients that are found to work towards a happier and more comfortable life!

  1. Manufacturing

Canine 15 is manufactured in Canada in our company’s facility in Cochrane, Alberta. 

This facility has received full FSMA accreditation for animal feed production by NST International (an accreditation company) following a mandated audit. FSMA accreditation is a FDA requirement.


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