Testimonials – 002




Speech from Sharon Beeler at the Midland OSPCA's Friends for Life event:

"Good morning everyone, thank you for joining us today for the Midland OSPCA's fundraiser. My name is Sharon Beeler and I'm here today to share my story of Brandy, who's here with me today.

As you can see I've brought 2 dogs with me and that is because my little guy, Fresco was always used to having another dog in the house and so, my search last Spring had begun. I was looking for another dog somewhere between the ages of 6 – 8 years old; someone older as Fresco is 12 and I knew that a young puppy would not be a good fit. Tanya, a friend from work suggested I check out the dogs at OSPCA. Reluctantly and half-heartedly, I went to see what kinds of dogs were up for adoption. As I was partial to german shepherd mutts, I had my mind set. In looking at the dogs, one face grabbed my attention – but she was a Chow mix and I thought, okay, maybe this one, and then I saw her age listed as a 13 year old dog. Right away, I thought to myself “no” and left. Well I couldn't get her Brandy's face out of my mind and with Tanya's prodding, I called back to arrange for a “meet and greet” with Fresco, the very next day. Well, let me tell you, we tried to keep them apart when we first introduced them – but they were bound and determined to interact and play. Within 40 minutes, Brandy and Fresco were loaded into the back of my car!

Having owned dogs for 42 years, I was shocked and taken aback by the seamless transition that Brandy and Fresco have made – it's as if she's always been a part of our family. Brandy's transformation has been remarkable – she prances around the house and is happy to see when when I come home at the end of the day. Although her back legs are arthritic, she now manages to walk quite effortlessly twice daily. This is due in part to a natural supplement product called Canine 15 – it has given not only Brandy but Fresco a new lease on life. At their ages of 13 and 12, they have really benefited from this product. So, in contacting the sales rep for this product, they have generously provided sample paks for free to anyone who would like to improve their dog's general well-being.

In closing, I invite you to consider the value of providing a caring home to older animals as they truly deserve to be given the chance to spend their senior years in a loving home where they know they are valued for their presence as a part of your family – they deserve to know love in the remaining years they are willing to give us."



Irish Setter

“We have a 10+ year old Irish Setter, Bo, who is experiencing joint pain simply due to age. We heard about your product and gave it a try. We have been diligent in giving him his daily pill for the past month and we can honestly say we have noticed a difference in his mobility and overall personality. He's quite the character and it's wonderful to see his spunk back! Thank You!




Chihuahua/Boston Terrier Cross, 8 years old

After requesting a complimentary sample of Canine15 supplement, I began giving my dog, Krona, the supplement. For about a month, I continued to give him the supplement. I began to notice that his limp was getting better and after about six weeks, it was totally gone. I was thrilled to see that my dog Krona was no longer limping especially considering that my vet told me that it was because he was overweight. We tried to help him loose weight but even after losing pounds (a lot for a 22 lb dog), he continued to limp and was obviously in pain. The vet could give us no other solution. I researched his symptoms and discovered that Canine 15 – NATURAL (Nu Paradigm Animal Health Ltd.) might have a product that would help Krona. The testimonials sounded too good to be true but I had to try. So I contacted them and requested a sample. I am amazed at the difference but also after several months, I figured that Krona was relieved of his pain so I could stop the supplement. But now, a few months later, he has begun to limp again. So I am a firm believer in the supplement and I am going to put in my next order as soon as the sample runs out. Thank you so much for believing in your product enough to send complimentary samples. I am your customer for the rest of his life!

Thank you,




A little over a year ago my 11 year old golden lab, Princess, started to show signs of arthritis, and she couldn't drink water without severely coughing and sometimes throwing up after. She could barely make it up the stairs and she couldn't run and play anymore. I have grown up as an only child and my dog is the closest thing I have to a sister, she is my best friend and I was devastated by the idea I might be losing her.

We started her on Canine 15 after we started to lose hope, less than a week after starting the medication we started to see improvements in her mobility, she was able to climb the stairs, run, jump and play like she used too. My mom also noticed that her coughing after drinking had stopped.

It has been over a year since we started her on the medication and she is still with us today. She hasn't had a single problem with arthritis and she can still drink without issues. She is almost 13 and has some other aging health issues, but Canine 15 helped with two severe issues and I am forever thankful for the extra time it has given me with my best friend.




Schnauzer/Shih Tzu Cross

Fresco is a 12 year old Schnauzer/Shih cross. Over a period of two weeks, Fresco had developed a new behaviour of repeatedly bobbing his head up and down while extending his tongue as if she was licking the air. It got to a point where he wasn’t able to sleep and would sustain this repetitive behaviour well into the early morning hours (3:30am). During the day, this behaviour increased significantly to where he would stop what he was doing and just sit there, bobbing his head and licking the air. This behaviour developed into repeatedly licking his bedding to a point where it was absolutely soaked through; it seemed as if he just couldn't stop himself even when I tried to re-direct or try to draw his attention elsewhere.

As a result, I took him to the vet clinic and showed them videos I had taken of this unusual behaviour. After a thorough exam, the vet ruled out: grand mal and petit seizures, tooth aches or the early on-set of cognitive dissonance (dementia). I chose not to have x-rays to rule out a potential brain tumour or cancer as Fresco's blood work had been done the first of September with “normal” results. The vet asked me to continue monitoring him and come back if there were any changes.

When I approached my sister, Janet, a clinical veterinary pathologist, she discussed Fresco's case with her colleagues by showing them a video of Fresco's behaviour. They felt that his actions were an indicator of “self-soothing” to counteract whatever pain or discomfort he was experiencing. They posited that most likely Fresco had an ulcer. Janet recommended that I contact our father to try Canine 15 to see if that would help.

Based on his weight, I had to split the capsules in half, which I mixed in with his food every morning. By the third morning, Fresco rarely engaged in the aforementioned behaviours and was sleeping through the night. On the fourth day, all abnormal behavioural patterns were gone! I couldn't believe it – after two weeks of chronic, atypical behaviours, it just didn't seem possible that it had stopped after such a short time. Fresco has returned to his usual routines as a happy and active dog without any further incident. As a result of my experience, I will be informing my vet clinic of Fresco's update and the Canine 15 medication that has produced such impressive results. Thank you so much!

Sharon Beeler M.Ed.
November 4, 2017



German Shepherd

Einstein, my German Shepherd who turned 11 this past June, began to show signs of arthritis. I took him to our vet and he said that big dogs seem to get arthritis in their rear hips and their joints by the time they are seniors, so he prescribed a pain medicine for Einstein. He said it had side effects, and if Einstein took it long enough it may cause liver damage. That freaked me out so I started to ask my friends on Facebook who owned a dog and which supplements would be good for Einstein.

Canine 15 - Natural came up, so I messaged the staff at Canine 15 and they sent me a 30 day supply of this new supplement and from limping and slowing down, his overall health improved after about 15 days on this supplement. To this date he’s had the other 15 days’ supply and is full of energy again and chasing his balls around the yard, like he used to do when he was much younger.

Einstein has been off the supplement for about 5 days now and his energy is not there after these 5 days because he hasn’t been taking these supplements. I hope to have him back on the supplement soon so he can get his energy and wellness back again. It’s good product and gives him an appetite and a shiny coat.

I thank you and Einstein thanks you.




When our 7 year old boxer Bajka began struggling to jump into our truck we began to worry about his health. Within a month his symptoms went from bad to worse. Bajka refused to sit and had tremendous difficulty getting up. Naturally, we took him to the veterinarian only to be told that it’s most likely arthritis related to his age and there was nothing they could do. We were disheartened but we eventually came to terms that our lovely boxer was approaching the end of his life. We realized that we could not ask him to suffer like this.

When we told our neighbour and territory manager for Canine 15 - Natural, he recommended Canine 15 - Natural and provided us with a month supply blister pack. He explained that we might notice a difference as soon as five days but at the end of 10 days is when we should see real change. Naturally we were very skeptical thinking it was nothing more than snake oil, but never the less we graciously accepted.

We began giving Bajka a single dose in the morning and right at five days we noticed he began walking with less stiffness in his legs. Encouraged, we continued with the supplement and at 10 days Bajka began moving around without showing any signs of pain. We were ecstatic going from accepting the fact that we were going have to put our lovely Bajka down to watching him regain his lively spirit.

We continued giving Bajka Canine 15 for three more months and he has continued to improve.  In fact, Bajka follows us around as we do chores and has even begun running sprints between the two of us. We never imagined we would see that again out of our old boxer. We realize that Bajka is an older dog but seeing him move without any more pain is more than we expected. We are extremely grateful for our neighbour for introducing us to Canine 15. We know it won’t make Bajka young again yet we are elated that he doesn't have to live out the rest of his life suffering.  However, seeing him enjoy himself on the ranch again is an unexpected bonus.  Thanks for everything Canine 15.

Sebastian & Lisa


A testament to the safety and extremely low toxicity of Canine15 NATURAL

I am compelled to share my latest experience and amazement with the product I have had my Sheltie male dog Ramzy on, with remarkable results having quickly restored his mobility due to a nasty birth defect to his hips.

My new addition to the family Lexie, a 43 pounds adorable and goofy pit bull-boxer mix female got to Ramzy's almost total new month supply of capsules..26 days' worth..  chewing and swallowing them as if it was a special birthday treat.

The instructions were clear about the daily dosage recommended for dogs weighing 40 pounds plunged me into a panic and after leaving a voicemail message at the Canine 15 office, I did the same calling my vet....Lexie had consumed 26 times the daily dosage!!!!

Laura, our vet, returned my call advising me to watch Lexie for possible signs of upset stomach or other side effects to her behavior while not believing that product she does not know is toxic..

I did not feed Lexie anything else than water that day and to my surprise, her stools were normal and healthy looking.....she acted normally without any visible diminution to her overabundant energy levels, excessive joie de vivre and sunny composure....a possible side effect of canine 15?...

The first thought coming up to my mind was the sparing of my panic to others and suggesting to amend the direction to stress the non-toxic and safe nature of the product. Also its dosage to state "recommended and adjusted as needed".

Being without product for a few days I noted the obvious beneficiary cumulative effect of Canine 15...as Ramzy, did not show any of the crippling pain effects he suffered before starting on Canine 15.

Now we pray that a capsule with such miraculous quick results could be available for humans one day.

R.Porath and A.Poupart
Ramzy's parents.



Nikki, a Sheltie Border Collie Cross, age 14 was exhibiting failure to thrive, difficulty climbing stairs, jumping short distances onto the couch. There were constant falls and she was tripping on the stairs/floor and was unable to go outside in the backyard therefore we had to take her through our garage. It was obvious the dog was deteriorating and her health wasn’t as robust anymore. There was also a marked loss of appetite due to possible pain in the hind end of the body. Noticeable signs of aging were also seen on the face of the dog as well as a tired look. Quivering when touching her hind leg area was a common occurrence as well as unusual barking episodes at the top of the stairs, this is believed to be due to pain.

After administering the Canine 15™ in a dosage of one capsule per day, over the course of a week a substantial improvement was noted. The dog was able to easily jump on the couch again, up onto a desk with her front legs and her appetite came back full force. Falls have now been reduced to an estimate of 1 per every week or two, when it was previously occurring multiple times in one day in some instances. The ability to go up the stairs also improved, however some falling still occurs due to the dog speeding up on her own and overestimating her own strength, albeit the hind legs have regained endurance/strength. The energy level of the dog has also improved and she no longer looks as tired, barking episodes have decreased and hind leg area quivering has gone almost completely. We have noticed an extreme improvement in her mobility.




Ramzy our dearest 7 year old male Sheltie, was born with a beautiful soul and appearance, but with his share of birth defects. Some of which we could attend to and settle with amazing results.

When Ramzy was three years old we noticed him struggling to get up and walk. For a dog who ran with his beagle brother Hunter, this change was heart breaking. His wonderful vet ruled out a hip replacement after diagnosing Severe Degenerate Joint Disease of the left femur. Our vet prescribed Previcox to ease the pain and help with mobility. We were amazed how quickly he regained his mobility. Now the concern was about the possible side effects and the high costs of the product over time.

We were looking for possible natural alternatives without holding our breath, thinking that nothing natural could match the results of powerful Previcox. Canine 15 offered to try their alternative at no risk on a 30-day trial. The product arrived, and not wanting Ramzy to suffer for even one day without Previcox, and we made the switch to Canine 15.

We were amazed at the way Canine 15 had immediately taken over with no change whatsoever in Ramzy's mobility and overall behaviour. We had found a great Canadian natural product at a far lower cost.

Hurray Canine 15, and thank you!