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Everyone is a Changemaker – Pets are like family

Everyone is a Changemaker

The holiday season is here! This time of the year has a different meaning for everyone: spending time with family, celebrating with friends, volunteering, resting…At Canine15 NATURAL, we value giving back to the community. For many of us, pets become family.

Since November, Canine15 NATURAL has donated and supplied supplements to Community Veterinary Outreach (CVO) clinics across Canada. These CVO clinics are located in Ottawa, Kitchener, Toronto, Guelph, Vancouver, Winnipeg and in various mobile sites.

The picture below includes Canine15 NATURAL staff attending a recent Community Veterinary Outreach Clinic that took place in Toronto on November 17, 2018.

Canine15 NATURAL staff attending a recent Community Veterinary Outreach Clinic.

Inspired by the international One Health Initiative, which forges equal collaboration between various disciplines of medical and health professionals, Dr. Michelle Lem who was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2013 developed what would eventually become Community Veterinary Outreach.

Leveraging the connections between people and their pets, CVO clinics bridge the gap between marginalized populations and critical support services by offering free veterinary care, leading to free person care.

A beautiful achievement

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Dr. Mark Kinghorn, Dr. Chip Coomb, Claudia Molina Osorio and their many colleagues. On that particular day they were taking care of animals owned by some of the under-privileged of our society living in the Regent Park area of Toronto. The team treated pet owners with respect, showed great kindness and great humility in dealing with the different and unique issue each animal presented. As a bystander, it was clear that the outreach patrons knew that they were in a safe space and felt comfortable bringing their pet to this clinic. This in of itself is a significant achievement.

Pets represent something unique for each and everyone. Heartwarming testimonials were shared on that day. For some, their pet means the world to them; for others it is their best friend, their baby, their love… Their pet makes them safe, provides mental support during hard times, keeps them going alive…

From all of Canine15 NATURAL’s team members, we wish you amazing holidays and a happy new year!