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Relieving Your Dog’s Joint Pain

Relieving Your Dog’s Joint Pain

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your dog’s joint pain making it hard for him to move. Joint pain is common in older dogs and certain breeds, and few effective solutions are available to relieve this pain. Luckily, you can help your dog get back on his feet with an effective and all natural solution – Canine 15 Natural. This supplement uses the Curus™ compound formula in addition to all natural ingredients (commonly found to reduce the risk of allergies, digestive issues, and increase your dog’s immunity and longevity). What does it do? It works to relieve the pressure on your dog’s joints, giving him the freedom to move easier and feel young once again! Take a look and see just how Canine 15 Natural has helped relieve other dog’s joint pain and how it can help yours!

Dog’s Joint Pain – Breed Specific

Some dogs will have problematic genetic disorders that come along with their breed. For example, German Shepherds are more likely to acquire hip dysplasia than other breeds. Using Canine 15 Natural, you can relive your dog’s joint pain naturally, not having to worry about side effects and possible long-term problems. Canine 15 wants to ensure that you have the opportunity to try something new – that is why we offer a discounted rate for your first purchase and have a money back guarantee! We know how important your dog is to you, and that you would do anything for them, so we want to ensure that the Canine 15 Natural supplement is an accessible option. See how Canine 15 Natural helped Ramzy!



Ramzy our dearest 7 year old male Sheltie, was born with a beautiful soul and appearance, but with his share of birth defects. Some of which we could attend to and settle with amazing results.

When Ramzy was three years old we noticed him struggling to get up and walk. For a dog who ran with his beagle brother Hunter, this change was heart breaking. His wonderful vet ruled out a hip replacement after diagnosing Severe Degenerate Joint Disease of the left femur. Our vet prescribed Previcox to ease the pain and help with mobility. We were amazed how quickly he regained his mobility. Now the concern was about the possible side effects and the high costs of the product over time.

We were looking for possible natural alternatives without holding our breath, thinking that nothing natural could match the results of powerful Previcox. Canine 15 offered to try their alternative at no risk on a 30-day trial. The product arrived, and not wanting Ramzy to suffer for even one day without Previcox, and we made the switch to Canine 15.

We were amazed at the way Canine 15 had immediately taken over with no change whatsoever in Ramzy’s mobility and overall behaviour. We had found a great Canadian natural product at a far lower cost.

Hurray Canine 15, and thank you!

Dog’s Joint Pain – Old Age

Age catches up to all of us, but it is difficult to see your pet grow old, faster than you. Age is a common cause for joint pain in dogs. Her paws, legs, and joints go through a lot – always being on the ground and playing as hard as she can. When age is the reason for joint pain, don’t be discouraged by the number. The Canine 15 Natural supplement works to cushion the joints and relive pressure and aching. When this pressure is taken off, your dog’s movements will be easier on them! Bajka was diagnosed with joint pain and it was dismissed to his old age, that was when his owners tried Canine 15 Natural.



When our 7 year old boxer Bajka began struggling to jump into our truck we began to worry about his health. Within a month his symptoms went from bad to worse. Bajka refused to sit and had tremendous difficulty getting up. Naturally, we took him to the veterinarian only to be told that it’s most likely arthritis related to his age and there was nothing they could do. We were disheartened but we eventually came to terms that our lovely boxer was approaching the end of his life. We realized that we could not ask him to suffer like this.

When we told our neighbour and territory manager for Canine 15 – Natural, he recommended Canine 15 – Natural and provided us with a month supply blister pack. He explained that we might notice a difference as soon as five days but at the end of 10 days is when we should see real change. Naturally we were very skeptical thinking it was nothing more than snake oil, but never the less we graciously accepted.

We began giving Bajka a single dose in the morning and right at five days we noticed he began walking with less stiffness in his legs. Encouraged, we continued with the supplement and at 10 days Bajka began moving around without showing any signs of pain. We were ecstatic going from accepting the fact that we were going have to put our lovely Bajka down to watching him regain his lively spirit.

We continued giving Bajka Canine 15 for three more months and he has continued to improve.  In fact, Bajka follows us around as we do chores and has even begun running sprints between the two of us. We never imagined we would see that again out of our old boxer. We realize that Bajka is an older dog but seeing him move without any more pain is more than we expected. We are extremely grateful for our neighbour for introducing us to Canine 15. We know it won’t make Bajka young again yet we are elated that he doesn’t have to live out the rest of his life suffering.  However, seeing him enjoy himself on the ranch again is an unexpected bonus.  Thanks for everything Canine 15.

Dog’s Joint Pain – Affecting Quality of Life

If your dog’s joint pain is preventing him from going about his daily life, you know that it is time for a change. The Canine 15 Natural supplement is given orally only once a day. After a few days of the supplement, you should start to see changes. Your dog will seem happier, be able to move easier, and his quality of life can be greatly improved. Princess could barely drink without having a coughing fit – her owners decided to give this aged beauty Canine 15 Natural and were amazed at how her quality of life drastically improved!



A little over a year ago my 11 year old golden lab, Princess, started to show signs of arthritis, and she couldn’t drink water without severely coughing and sometimes throwing up after. She could barely make it up the stairs and she couldn’t run and play anymore. I have grown up as an only child and my dog is the closest thing I have to a sister, she is my best friend and I was devastated by the idea I might be losing her.

We started her on Canine 15 after we started to lose hope, less than a week after starting the medication we started to see improvements in her mobility, she was able to climb the stairs, run, jump and play like she used too. My mom also noticed that her coughing after drinking had stopped.

It has been over a year since we started her on the medication and she is still with us today. She hasn’t had a single problem with arthritis and she can still drink without issues. She is almost 13 and has some other aging health issues, but Canine 15 helped with two severe issues and I am forever thankful for the extra time it has given me with my best friend.

We love our pets, and we know you love yours. Regardless of the cause of your dog’s joint pain, it is important to ensure the comfort and happiness of a furry family member. Give your dog the best option and give them the quality of life they deserve! Try Canine 15 Natural today and watch your pet go from an old dog to a young pup. We can’t wait to see!