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10 Most Popular Dog Breeds and Why We Love Them

10 Most Popular Dog Breeds and Why We Love Them

Dogs are the best. They are our loyal companions, goofy playmates, and soft cuddle buddies. When you first decide to get a dog, you need to choose from a number of popular dog breeds – deciding which is best for you! Selecting a breed requires much thought and consideration. There are hundreds of different dogs available for us to choose from, each having their own personality, unique looks, and quirks. If you are looking for a new dog, or perhaps looking to bump your family up to two dogs,  you want a breed that suits your lifestyle. Here are the 10 most popular dog breeds (according to the Canadian Kennel Club) and why we love them!

Labrador Retriever


The Labrador Retriever comes in three primary colours – black, golden, and chocolate. Similar to a Golden Retriever, these dogs are known for their amazing disposition. They are friendly, obedient, and loving – and can be trained to be wonderful service dogs. Helping is in their nature, as historically these dogs would help fishermen “retrieve” fish from the cold water. If you choose to own a Labrador Retriever, be ready to go on lots of walks and be continuously active. These dogs love to play and have fun, making them ideal for families and those with active lifestyles!

German Shepherd


Most often associated with the work done in the military and police services, German Shepherds also make loving pets. They are one of the most popular dog breeds due to their intelligence, loyalty, and big hearts. Many mistake German Shepherds as aggressive, but in reality, they are gentle and caring. These dogs are built very strong, making them a good candidate for physical jobs (such as bomb sniffing, guard dogs, police dogs, etc.). If you are looking for a dog who will always be ready to go, a German Shepherd is just the dog for you!

Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds due to their smiling faces and lovable personalities. Who doesn’t love a Golden Retriever? This breed is commonly found as the face of dog food or featuring in toilet paper commercials. Golden Retrievers are irresistible and many people gravitate towards them because of their wonderful disposition. They are most commonly known for friendliness, loyalty, obedience, and loving attitudes. It is because of these traits that they make such great service and therapy dogs. Golden Retrievers are a breed for almost any family with kids, other animals, and can be helpful for elders.



Poodles are a unique breed due to their hypoallergenic coat (meaning that they shed less and are a good pet for those with asthma). Often, we see a mixture of poodle in other breeds (Golden Doodle, Cockapoo, etc.) to achieve less shedding – a commonly desired trait. Poodles come in an assortment of sizes – standard, miniature, and toy. These dogs are loved for their intelligence, friendliness, and overall good-natured attitude. With their puffy hair style, and adorable smile, it is no wonder that the poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds!



Not as common, but still just as desired, the Havanese is one of the most popular dogs to own. This small sized, hairy dog was originally bred to be a companion in the 1800’s – and they are still just that. The Havanese is a breed who will stick by your side to the very end, totally loyal and always loving. Because these dogs are so eager to please, they are easy to train. Their friendly demeanour makes them perfect for bonding with other humans, as well as other dogs. Affectionate, loveable, and obedient is the reason why we love them so much!

Shetland Sheepdog


The colouring of each Shetland Sheepdog will vary, although all have the colours white, brown, grey, and black. These beautiful dogs were originally used by farmers in Scotland, keeping other animals from foraging the crops or garden. Now Shetland Sheepdogs are more commonly found snuggling in the living room and playing in the backyard. One of the reasons the Shetland Sheepdog makes it into the top 10 of the most popular dogs is because of their intelligence. This breed is very easy to train and is active – making it a perfect dog for showing in events!

Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed that is known for their thick coats and sweet personalities. These dogs love to go out in the cooler temperatures and play in the snow – much preferred to playing in the heat! The word that many use to describe Bernese Mountain Dogs is “goofy.” They love to play and it is important that they are socialized at a young age. These fuzzy creatures are adorable as puppies (with their massive paws), and grow to be an even more adorable adult dog. If you are looking for a friend to go on adventures with, the Bernese Mountain Dog is the dog for you!

French Bulldog


Everyone loves a Frenchie! Since Doug the Pug became popular on Instagram, smaller breeds like Pugs and French Bulldogs have become all the rage. If you prefer a breed that requires less exercise compared to a large breed, the French Bulldog is an excellent companion! What we love about these small and spunky dogs is their happy energy and curious nature (although that can sometimes lead to trouble!). Depending who you ask, the Frenchie’s grunts, snorts, and groans can be an endearing trait. Just another reason they are one of the most popular dog breeds in Canada!

Yorkshire Terriers


If you seek a breed that is small and easily transported around, the Yorkshire Terrier is perfect. Although their long hair and sweet face makes them look like fragile creatures, they are quite the opposite. Full of energy and ready to entertain, Yorkshire Terriers are very trainable. For a small dog, they have a lot of personality and spunk. Forget the stereotype of storing them in your purse with bows and ribbons on them. These dogs are energetic, confident, and fun-loving enough for even the toughest guy!

Schnauzer (Miniature)


The most recognizable trait about the Schnauzer is their beard. These small breed dogs are great companions, do not shed, and are commonly used as show dogs. When describing the traits of the breed, it becomes difficult as each Schnauzer’s personality will vary. Some are energetic and playful, others are shy and reserved. What you can count on is a loyal dog that will love you till the end of time! These dogs make great house pets and are small enough for those in the city but energetic enough to take advantage of a big backyard!

Remember, although you may desire a certain breed, it is always a good idea to look at your local animal shelter. When you adopt, you can save an animal in need and give them a “furever home.” Who knows, you may just find a mixed breed that is a combination of everything you love!