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House Plants That Are Safe (And Even Good) For Your Dog

House Plants That Are Safe (And Even Good) For Your Dog

Having house plants is a great way to keep the air in your house clean. The problem then becomes, which plants are safe to keep if you have a pet? There are a lot of seemingly innocent house plants out there that can be poisonous to your pooch. Plants such as Aloe Vera, Asparagus Fern, Lilies, and other usual plants are dangerous to have in the house. Too often we leave the room and come back to find our dogs munching away on a leaf. For this reason, it is so important to ensure the plants at home are safe for your dog. Be sure that the plants you choose to fill your house with are safe for your dog. You can even find plants that are good for them! Your pup will thank you, and the plants may even make you feel better as well!



Basil – the herb that we are so used to having on our margherita pizza, and adding to flavour other foods. This is a great and pet-safe plant to have in your home. It gives you easy access to home-grown basil, as well as it is safe for your dog if they decide to take a bite! Basil is a natural ingredient that also acts as a deterrent for mosquitos. Having this herb in your house will keep you mosquito bite-free as well as keep your furry friend from those pests.



This tropical-looking plant will add some flare into your décor. If your dog is one who likes to chew, bamboo is a plant that will not cause them harm. The only bamboo plant to stay away from is a bamboo called “Heavenly Bamboo.” This particular bamboo is toxic to dogs and they can get quite sick if enough of the bamboo is ingested. Otherwise, other bamboo types are a great household plant that are safe for your pooch. Bamboo is also said to be good for your Feng Shui!



The purple plant has been the flower most commonly seen in fields and in beautiful bouquets at weddings. It can be a great way to add some natural color into your home and also keep your dog safe. As an added bonus, lavender acts as a mosquito repellant! Keep those pesky bugs away from you and your pet and know that they are safe if left alone in the house.

Spider Plant


A spider plant is found in many households. The long hanging green leaves add a certain element of natural beauty to your décor. This plant is considered safe for pets as well, it is beneficial for them. Spider plants are great for purifying the air and removing any traces of formaldehyde. Keep in mind that the spider plant can be bad for cats who are more likely to play with and eat it!



Although this plant is often known to grow out of control, it is one that is safe for pets! Contain your peppermint in a pot and enjoy the beautiful aroma this herb creates. Not only is it dog-safe, but some dogs like to chew on it or roll around in it. It might even help those dogs with kibble breath or aid those with indigestion and nausea (humans too!). Not to mention, you will always have peppermint handy if you want to make some tea. This plant additionally acts as an insect repellent!

Add these pet-friendly plants into your home to add a splash of green and make you and your pet feel great!

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