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Put age-related discomfort behind them.

When your canine starts showing signs of aging—like limited mobility or changes in their personality—use those indicators as a chance to give them the relief from discomfort you would seek for yourself.

Canine 15 – Natural is an all-natural joint pain treatment for dogs that uses a patented Curus™ compound to slow the growth and multiplication of inflammation-causing cells in your canine’s joints and muscles.

When the inflammation goes down, your canine’s comfort returns, and their personality and vitality come along with it.

Aging with grace and comfort can happen for your canine.

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Months before our beloved pet Nikki was on Canine 15 – Natural she was not able to climb up the stairs nor would she run and play in the
backyard anymore; on a daily basis we had to carry her up the stairs.
We had tried many remedies to relieve her discomfort and nothing seemed to work at all. A short time after administering Canine 15 – Natural, one morning my husband called me to our side door and I knew there were air balloons above our house. Before Nikki had joint issues she would run along the side yard, which is a long stretch and she would bark at the balloons. A short time before I arrived at the door, I could hear Nikki barking. Once I arrived at our door and looked out, Nikki was racing back and forth barking at the air balloons. We stood in amazement, what a wonderful sight that was! Thanks to Canine 15-Natural, our 14 year old furry family member was once again her frisky self. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who owns a dog and is vigilant about their “furever” friend’s health.

– Susan

When you have a healthy pet, you’re a happy owner.