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Canine15 Natural: An Alternative to Glucosamine

American Veterinary Medical Association recently rescinded its policy supporting the use of glucosamine in the management of osteoarthritis.

Canine15 NATURAL may be a better alternative for your pets joint pain.

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Why Choose Canine15 Natural?


Canine15 NATURAL is a blend of  two ingredients: Sulfur and Lignosulfonates.  Canine15 NATURAL is Non Toxic and Health Canada Notified.


Canine15 NATURAL comes in capsule form and is easy to administer in food or directly in the mouth, as many dogs do enjoy the flavour. 


Canine15 NATURAL is fast acting! See a positive change in just 5 days and most pets show improved mobility and appetite within 10 days.

Canine15 Dog Supplement Packaging

Canine15 Natural

An all natural joint care supplement for dogs.

Give your pet a new lease on life with Canine15 NATURAL. It’s a non-prescription, all natural dog supplement that improves joint and muscle health.

Loving pet owners trust Canine15 NATURAL as a supplement for joint care in dogs, sharing stories of their physical health and personalities returning with abundance, reduced signs of aging and the disappearance of pain indicators.

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