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Traveling with your senior dog – Are you ready?

Traveling with your senior dog – Are you ready?

It feels like winter will never end and you’re thinking about your next vacations? Whether you are planning to take the plane or drive for a few hours, you have decided that leaving your best companion behind is not an option! Traveling with your senior dog however requires a little bit of preparation. Here are a few tips!

Evaluate your dog’s health
Before booking your trip, it is recommended to check with your veterinarian and inform them of your trip. They will help you to know if your senior dog is healthy enough to travel and if any vaccinations are required based on your vacation destination.

Booking your trip
If you are flying and your dog is weighting more than 17 pounds, make sure the airline allows larger dogs. If you are driving, set up a nice and comfortable space without forgetting the seat belt. Putting on some relaxing music can greatly reduce your senior companion’s anxiety especially during long rides. If your dog suffers from motion sickness, you might want to reconsider the distance. And don’t forget…! When choosing your accommodation, double-check that the hotel or cabin you wish to book accepts pets.

Make your dog feel safe
Most senior dogs can be sensitive to unusual situations or changes in their daily routine. They can easily feel disoriented. That’s why keeping the same habits is important: feed them with the same food, treats, bring their favourite toy, blanket and leash along plus their regular supplements.

Think healthy
Prepare yourself to do a few stops on the road! In fact, sitting in a car for too long can affect your senior dog’s joints. Planning a supplement cure like Canine15 NATURAL will prevent and reduce muscle and joint pain. Take walks with your dog as you usually do back home, but avoid heat peaks as it can be tiring and even dangerous for older dogs. Keep them hydrated and cool, they will enjoy AC and the shade!

Do you feel ready? Have a safe and fun journey!