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Amazing Dog Accessories You Need that will Benefit Your Dog

Amazing Dog Accessories You Need that will Benefit Your Dog

The S’well insulated water bottle, iPhone extra-battery packs: if we have the opportunity for accessories to help us throughout the day, shouldn’t our dog as well? Of course! Dog accessories are becoming more popular as we realize the potential they have to benefit our pets. As we learn more about the things our dogs need, we are able to create items that fit a specific purpose (walking, sleeping, training, etc.) These ingenious inventions work to keep our pets safe and healthy! Here are 10 amazing dog accessories you need that will benefit your dog.

1. Water Dispenser
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Heading out for a long walk in the summer with your dog is always a great way to burn some energy. The problem is, with the sun, comes extra heat. If you are a dog owner, you know the struggle of trying to keep your dog hydrated by giving him water from your water bottle in small pools in the palm of your hand. It ends up making a mess (and does he really get any in his mouth?)! There must be a better way to offer your pup water. The “Gulpy Water Dispenser” has a bowl attached to the spout of the water bottle so that you can easily squirt water into the container. Once your dog has finished taking a drink, simply fold back the bowl over the bottle. It is a compact and simple solution to carrying water and ensuring your dog stays hydrated.

2. Ball Gun
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Have you ever heard “My grandma can throw better than you”? Your ball throwing solution is available! For those dogs that love to chase a ball all day, the “HYPER Pet K-9 Kannon Toy” is just what you need to keep your dog active (with a little less work on your end). Simply press the ball down into the cannon (no need to touch the slobber) and use the pressure trigger to shoot the ball. Not only is it fun for your dog, it is fun for you! This is one of the amazing dog accessories that is perfect to maintain a healthy lifestyle and work to prevent weight gain.

3. Light-Up Collar
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If you ever go out for walks at night, you know how dangerous it can be for your dog. If your pup ever decided to run out on the road, drivers would have a hard time seeing her (especially if she has a darker coat). Protect your pet in the dark hours of the night and get her a light-up collar. These “Illumiseen LED Collars” make it easy to see your dog at night, allowing you to have eyes on her at all times. Another amazing feature of this collar is that is has a USB charging cord, making it useable for years to come. Collars are available in a variety of colours, so you can pick the one that keeps her looking stylish all night long.

4. Treat Puzzle
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Every now and then you will probably be faced with a hyper dog stuck inside due to nasty weather. A great way to get rid of excess energy is to work your dog’s mind. What better way than giving him a brain-teaser puzzle! This “Pet Seek-a-Treat Shuffle Bone Dog Puzzle” is the perfect thing to provide mental stimulation for your pet and get rid of crazy energy. Your dog will have to work on the puzzle by moving sliding pieces that eventually reveal a treat. The more often he does the puzzle, the more likely he is to figure out the perfect combo to get the ultimate reward.

5. Cooling Vest
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For those long days out in the sun, it can be hard on your dog’s body to withstand the heat in such a heavy coat of fur. Keep your pet cool in hot temperatures with this “Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest.” The vest is made of 3 layers of fabric that work to keep dogs cool, absorb water, and facilitate evaporation. The vests come in lighter colours to cover dark coats that would otherwise absorb the sun’s rays. Simply soak the vest (beforehand or during), and it will continue to keep your dog’s body temperature down, preventing the dangers of overheating.

6. Walking Lead-Assist
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If your pup is one to run spontaneously after squirrels or constantly pull on the leash, it causes problems. Not only does it harm your hand (burns, pinches, etc.), it can also harm your dog (damage to neck and trachea). Avoid any pain for both of you and use the “Lead Mate.” This is one of the most amazing dog accessories for walking. The small adjustable accessory attaches on to your lead, giving you something secure to hold on to rather than the lead material. The Lead Mate is perfect for you to stay in control on walks and can be used as a great training method for teaching heeling.

7. Seat Hammock
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When driving around, if your dog is moving about in the vehicle, it can be dangerous should you ever get into a car accident. It is better to have your dog in a secure place so she is not distracting you while driving or getting into things she shouldn’t. This “Bigear Seat-Cover Protector Hammock” is just what you need to keep your pup from wandering around the vehicle. The cover is made of a water-proof fabric and is non-slip, making it ideal for any mess she brings with her. The best thing about this hammock besides keeping your dog safe is the reduction of dog hair on your seats!

8. Pet Tracker
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Does Fido run off more often than you would care to admit? Get rid of the endless hours spent searching for him and instead simply use this pet tracker to locate him. Easily attached to your dog’s collar, the “Tagg GPS Pet Tracker” sends out a GPS signal allowing you to find your pups exact location. The tracker uses an app to show you in live-time where he is on the map. You can even set up the app to alert you when your dog leaves the property. Another fun feature with this tracker is that it records the amount of exercise your dog is getting. Having access to his activity levels can help you determine if he needs more exercise to stay happy and healthy.

9. Bitter Spray
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If your dog has a habit of getting into things and chewing them up, there is now a solution. “NaturVet Bitter Yuck!” is a safe and convenient way to prevent your dog from getting into things she is not supposed to. Simply spray the solution on to any surface or item that you do not want your dog chewing or licking, and the bitter taste will turn her away. The solution is made of purified water, citric acid, and bittering agent, leaving no colouring or stains on the surface you want to protect. Apply it to your couch, coffee table, fence, or plants and soon enough she will learn to stay away.

10. Pet Mat
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Lying on the hard ground can be tough on your dog’s body. As they age, the pressure of your dog’s weight on the floor can lead to joint pain and other aches. Providing him with a soft and comfortable bed is one of the best ways to reduce this problem. This “PetMat” is just the thing that can help relieve joint pain. Similar to memory-foam, the orthopedic bed contours to your dog’s body and evenly distributes his weight, making it easier on the joints. Now he can have a restful night’s sleep without pain or pressure.