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5 Unconventional Ways To Share the Love

5 Unconventional Ways To Share the Love

Chocolate: the number one go-to for your Valentine come mid-February. Yet, it’s the number one no-no for dogs. And, in our experience, they’re not too over the moon with roses; the jury is still out whether the petals add anything nutritionally to their diet. With human staples out of the running for great canine gifts, how do you show a touch more #doglove this sweet and sentimental time of year?
Giving your four-legged furry friend a little extra love this month can be as simple as adding a little treat to their water dish…OR as intimate as whispering sweet nothings in their ears. Literally. We’ve gathered five of our favourite (and a couple new-agey) ways to share the love with your pet.

5 Ways To Show Your Dog Some Love
From the super simple to the seriously crafty, and everything in between, we love the thought of doing a couple extra-nice things for the hardest-loving hairballs we get to call our pets.

Ice, Ice, Baby
While yes, your kitchen floor might be a bit (more) dabbled with water, tossing a couple ice cubes into your dog’s water dish isn’t only a great way to help them stay cool in warmer climates, but it’s a playful way for them to get a touch more hydration. The goal: that they keep the cubes on the floor, and don’t take them up onto the couch…or your pillow.

Human food: a hot commodity in the eyes of many pets. We know you give them the best kibble out there – but what about baking up some treats where you control the ingredients and the quality 100%? Whether it’s tongue-smacking peanut butter cups or crunchy apple ‘pup’cakes (for the gluten tolerant, of course), we love the thought of spending some time in the kitchen to add a touch more heart into your dog’s dining choices.

DIY Dog Toys
A little elbow grease and a handful of household supplies equals some dedicated eye-to-eye time with your pooch. When it’s made with love, it’s that much sweeter…when they tear it to shreds. Right? These ideas for how to make simple toys for your dog from items already in your house is a great way to give them a touch more attention.

Dog Massage

After all that play with their new toys, they’re going to be tight. Doggy massage, to the rescue! As humans, we get really good at taking ourselves to practitioners to help work out sore muscles and tired joints. With this easy to follow at home massage technique to soothe and calm as well as relax and release, you become the masseuse!

Check out this video for a how-to for home massage:

Or, to see a Golden Retriever in complete and utter bliss, give this a peek:

A Good Old Fashion Brushing
Take the calming action of an at home massage one step further, with an ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) scratching and brushing session. Not only will their coat look oh so fine, the soothing calmness induced with ASMR is known to euphoria-like sensations through gentle whispering (those sweet nothings we were talking about) coupled with the light touch of scratching or brushing. Unparalleled quality time, at your fingertips.

However you choose to spend some extra time with your pet, share the #doglove and give them a little more of y-o-u time; it’s what they love the most.

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